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bryan blues brothers

It’s indie-folk-pop. It’s folk song lyrics with pop song melodies. And it’s also a bunch of junk that a pop-culture junkie might find funny. It kinda sounds like an elephant holding a possum by the tail and smashing it on the counter!

These songs are for the working man. These are for the people who work unbelievably long hours at jobs that they hate, just to make ends meet, while their bosses are off playing golf every weekend. If you like N-Sync and The Backstreet Boys, then I suggest a lobotomy. If you don’t like them, you’ll probably like me.

Come to my shows and see a pathetic thirtysomething wannabe perform a bunch of songs, which are kinda stupid, last a long time and are repetitive. But more importantly, BEWARE, as these songs can get stuck in your head, very easily.

The music is like a cross between the Monkees and Johnny Cash. Folk-style lyrics similar to something that the “Man In Black” would sing, but with the rock/pop style melodies that made the Monkees songs so dang catchy!

Bryan Harwell is the singer/songwriter/guitarist. He’s a guy who has a degree in electricity, watches old black & white b-movies and gets chronic headaches a lot. And those are his good points! But seriously, most of the stuff in the songs actually happened to him.

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