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state of my music career

It all started back in 2006. I started trying to record an album. A real album. It took three years to finish my first album “Work.”

That album was a folk music triumph. It brought forth many great things. My most popular songs “Average Joe” and “Bayou On The Moonlight” are on there.

After that, I was able to perform live on several occasions. I’ve had songs on iTunes. I’ve had music videos on YouTube. I’ve even had a song played on the radio.

After all that, I recorded and released several albums and singles. I realize now that the point of that was a way to ride the inertia down.

My being well known for my music was an elevation from which it’s not easy to descend. I know that now. It’s been difficult to cope with such an oddity in my life.

I still write and record some, but very sporadically. If I never release another song, I’m fully satisfied with my catalog of music. I hope that others have enjoyed it as well.

If you have enjoyed listening to my music, I’m very grateful to you. Your appreciation has made it all worthwhile. Thanks.

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