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Old Maple Tree (Story Behind The Song)


Behind the house where I grew up, there were two maple trees. Under and between those trees, my brother and I played for our entire childhoods. The swingset was under these trees. The picnic table was under these trees. The basketball goal was set up between these trees. One of these trees was one that had a low branch that I climbed all the time. Many good times were had under these trees.

I wanted to write a song about a tree. It was a challenge that I had given myself as a songwriter. When I thought of the trees at my childhood home, the song practically wrote itself.

This song is about childhood memories, growing up, and growing old. All of these are things that everyone goes through. I hope you can relate.

On this song, you will hear two guitars, harmonica, and vocals. All performed by yours truly. Enjoy!

Click here to listen and download “Old Maple Tree.”

Posted in Stories Behind The Songs by Bryan Harwell on January 20th, 2014 at 11:00 am.

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