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Old Movies, Pizza and Dr. Pepper

Yes, that’s probably my favorite pastime. I love old movies. I’ve been watching them for years. But not just any old movies. I like old comedies. I got to thinking about the movies I like and, well, it seems that the same stars keep popping up in my favorite movies. I guess that’s why they are:

My Favorite Comedy Teams.

My favorite comedy teams are (not in any order):
The Three Stooges;
The Marx Brothers;
Laurel And Hardy;
Abbott And Costello;
Dean Martin And Jerry Lewis.

Try to catch these movies on late-night tv, if you can. They don’t show these movies like they used to. Several are now out on DVD. I wish I could buy them all, but I am not a millionaire. I have several already. I’m planning on buying some more in the near future, that is if I get enough money for my birthday.

Anyway, with old black and white comedy movies, a cooler full of ice and Dr. Pepper, and a stack of pepperoni pizzas, I’ll be in the living room all weekend long! Yes, this is my cup of tea. Anyone else out there like classic movies? Who’s your favorite comedians?

Posted September 6th, 2007.

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