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New Songs and Old Songs

Last night, I played Tom McClung’s (my cousin) open mic night at Mac’s in Athens. I played a new original song. I also played an old Monkees song, which I’ve never before performed live. Had a lot of fun and got a very good response from the audience. Thanks to all who clapped. And thanks to Tom for turning the *services* over to me. That was funny!

Setlist from 9/1/11:
“Bayou On The Moonlight”
“Average Joe”
“I Love My Wife” (first live performance)
“Tomorrow’s Gonna Be Another Day” (written by Tommy Boyce and Steve Venet)
“Facebook Blues”

Posted September 2nd, 2011.

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Alive Again

Yes, that’s right. You heard right. I played live again last Thursday at Mac’s. It was, once again, open mike nite hosted by my good friend, who really loves my music and enjoys it very much, Cousin Tom McClung. Anyway, with his encouragement, I may play live again this coming September 1st. That will be at 8pm.

Oh, in case you were wondering, here is the setlist from Thursday, July 28, 2011:

“Average Joe”
“Bayou On The Moonlight”
“I Need A Break” (Live concert debut performance)
“Facebook Blues”

One more thing. It was great to see some more of my relatives in the audience. Namely, my Cousin Sara.

Ya’ll have a great day and keep on listening!

Posted August 5th, 2011.

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Latest Live Setlist

Last Thursday night, I played live at Mac’s. My cousin, Tom McClung, is now hosting the open mike nites there every Thursday night. I hope to play again this coming Thursday, if nothing happens. Who knows? I may make it a regular thing.

Anyway, my setlist is as follows.

First Set:
“Serious Delirious (The Coffee Song)”
“Average Joe”
“I’m Wastin’ My Time”
“Facebook Blues

Second Set:
“Sweet Song”
“It Still Pours”

Anyway, I really enjoyed playing live. Ya’ll come out on Thursdays. I may just be there…

Posted July 26th, 2011.

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3 Sets (count ’em)!

I played 3 sets (count ’em!) at Trey Morgan’s Open Mic at Mac’s last night. It was a lot of fun! The songs are listed below. Have a good day!

Setlist #1: “Average Joe,” “Bayou On The Moonlight,” “Sweet Song,” “It Still Pours,” “I’m Wastin’ My Time,” “Nine Times Blue”

Setlist #2: “Short Matters Order,” “I Just Keep On Going,” “Given The Chance,” “I Can Be A Happy Man”

Setlist #3: “Hound Dog,” “Who Broke All The Crayons,” “Serious Delirious (The Coffee Song)”

Posted January 15th, 2010.

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