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The Three Stooges are the greatest comedy team of all time.  I’ve been watching their movies ever since I can remember (and I can remember pretty far back, just ask my family).  Their antics are hilarious, as they were masters of their craft.

No matter which configuration you have, they are great.  The configurations changed over the years.  Basically, there were four versions.

Moe, Larry, Curly

Moe, Larry, Shemp

Moe, Larry, Joe

Moe, Larry, Curly-Joe

All of these were in various short subjects, features, and television shows from 1930 to 1970.  Most are now available on DVD, but some have not yet graced DVD.  Also, some have been released on budget (read: bootleg) DVD’s, but could stand some good restoring/remastering/rereleasing.

I’ve been collecting these ever since they started releasing the Columbia short subjects the right way.  Those collections are pristine and have been very enjoyable.

A recent discovery has been the long lost short subject “Hello Pop.”  I can’t wait to see it, since it’s the only MGM short subject that I haven’t seen.  And, get this, it’s in color!  Weird, huh?  I think so.

Well, I don’t know who’s in charge of this stuff, but I hope that someone at Warner Brothers is busy working a release like this:

The Three Stooges Complete MGM Short Subjects:

“Nertsery Rhymes” (in Technicolor)

“Beer And Pretzels” (black & white)

“Hello Pop” (in Technicolor)

“Plane Nuts” (black & white)

“Roast Beef And Movies” (in Technicolor) (Curly solo)

“The Big Idea” (black & white)

Anyway, I’m hoping that a set like this will be released on DVD sometime soon.  It would really be a nice addition to any Stooge fan’s collection.

The boys also appeared in several feature films.  Sometimes, they were stars, but there were many instances where they are incidental players or just making a cameo.  Most of these appearances have been released on DVD, but a few are still not yet available.

Whoever is in charge of Warner Archive, please release the following feature films:  “Myrt And Marge,” “Fugitive Lovers,” “Start Cheering.”  Please!

Most DVD’s of The Three Stooges are available at one of my favorite online retailers: Amazon.  Some of my own material is also available at Amazon.  So, if you want to buy some Stooges, you could also get some of my music as well.  And I hope you will.  Have a great day!
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Posted December 2nd, 2013.

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Old Movies, Pizza and Dr. Pepper

Yes, that’s probably my favorite pastime. I love old movies. I’ve been watching them for years. But not just any old movies. I like old comedies. I got to thinking about the movies I like and, well, it seems that the same stars keep popping up in my favorite movies. I guess that’s why they are:

My Favorite Comedy Teams.

My favorite comedy teams are (not in any order):
The Three Stooges;
The Marx Brothers;
Laurel And Hardy;
Abbott And Costello;
Dean Martin And Jerry Lewis.

Try to catch these movies on late-night tv, if you can. They don’t show these movies like they used to. Several are now out on DVD. I wish I could buy them all, but I am not a millionaire. I have several already. I’m planning on buying some more in the near future, that is if I get enough money for my birthday.

Anyway, with old black and white comedy movies, a cooler full of ice and Dr. Pepper, and a stack of pepperoni pizzas, I’ll be in the living room all weekend long! Yes, this is my cup of tea. Anyone else out there like classic movies? Who’s your favorite comedians?

Posted September 6th, 2007.

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The Three Stooges…The way they should be.

Why can’t Columbia Pictures Cooperation get it right? They’ve just never issued the Three Stooges films the way the fans want them. They’ve tried mixing them up three episodes at a time on videocassette. They’ve tried grouping similar plots 5 episodes at a time on dvd. They’ve even tried (horrors!) colorizing the Three Stooges. That last one was the stupidest idea, yet. What the fans want is all 190 episodes on dvd in chronological order. How hard is that? I can answer that. Not very hard at all. It could be done in nine separate box sets. I know that Columbia has probably had low sales on the stooges. That’s probably why there have not been any more issued in the last two years. The fans, like me, have the videocassettes and are not willing to buy dvd’s until the following is done. This is a list of the way the Three Stooges should be on dvd:

The Three Stooges, Volume 1: Moe, Larry and Curley (episodes 1-25) (4 discs)
The Three Stooges, Volume 2: Moe, Larry and Curley (episodes 26-50) (4 discs)
The Three Stooges, Volume 3: Moe, Larry and Curley (episodes 51-74) (4 discs)
The Three Stooges, Volume 4: Moe, Larry and Curley (episodes 75-97) (4 discs)
The Three Stooges, Volume 5: Moe, Larry and Shemp (episodes 98-122) (4 discs)
The Three Stooges, Volume 6: Moe, Larry and Shemp (episodes 123-148) (4 discs)
The Three Stooges, Volume 7: Moe, Larry and Shemp (episodes 149-174) (4 discs)
The Three Stooges, Volume 8: Moe, Larry and Joe (episodes 175-190) (3 discs)
The Three Stooges, Volume 9: Moe, Larry and Curly-Joe (feature films: “Have Rocket, Will Travel”/”Snow White And The Three Stooges”/”Three Stooges Meet Hercules”/”Three Stooges In Orbit”/”Three Stooges Go Around The World In A Daze”/”The Outlaws Is Coming”) (6 discs)
See, Columbia? That’s what we want. If these came out over the next two years, I would buy every one of them. So would a lot of other Stooge fans. That is, under two conditions: The episodes are not edited; The episodes are not colorized. Get it through your thick skulls, people in charge!

Posted October 26th, 2005.

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