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state of my music career

It all started back in 2006. I started trying to record an album. A real album. It took three years to finish my first album “Work.”

That album was a folk music triumph. It brought forth many great things. My most popular songs “Average Joe” and “Bayou On The Moonlight” are on there.

After that, I was able to perform live on several occasions. I’ve had songs on iTunes. I’ve had music videos on YouTube. I’ve even had a song played on the radio.

After all that, I recorded and released several albums and singles. I realize now that the point of that was a way to ride the inertia down.

My being well known for my music was an elevation from which it’s not easy to descend. I know that now. It’s been difficult to cope with such an oddity in my life.

I still write and record some, but very sporadically. If I never release another song, I’m fully satisfied with my catalog of music. I hope that others have enjoyed it as well.

If you have enjoyed listening to my music, I’m very grateful to you. Your appreciation has made it all worthwhile. Thanks.

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“Hate” and “Monocle Sessions”

These have been my newest releases this year.

“Hate” is a song written by my good friend Brian Baird. It’s a novelty and not really as serious as the title suggests. I think Alferd Packerd would have loved it!

“Monocle Sessions” is my largest compilation album, yet. The sessions for that album were quite extensive. It’s also the largest release on my (and my brother’s) label Suitable For Framing Records.

Click here to check them out!




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Work Sessions

Work Sessions
I have a new album! Just released! “Work Sessions” is a collection of demos, alternate mixes, and session takes – including the entire “Work” LP (and bonus track “I Just Keep On Going”) remixed in stereo! 50 tracks! Over 2 hours of music!

Click here to download the album!

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New single release of “Hey Duckface” / “Ice” (Backwards Version)


I have a new single release for 2015!  “Hey Duckface” from my album “Country Fried Snake” and “Ice” which is my own backmasking, unmasked!

Click here to download the single.

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The first video from my fourth album, “Country Fried Snake”, is finally here! The song is “Hey Duckface”, a song about those silly photos you find on the internet. The video itself is a slideshow of various silly photos of me (fitting, right?). Enjoy!
Click here to download the song.

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New Studio! New Recordings!

Bryan Studio 2015


We finally got the new studio up and running.  I recorded some new demos of songs for my next album.  Awesome!

I’m so glad that we finally got the studio going after all the hard work we put into it.  We worked for several months and now we finally have something we can be proud of.

For your information, here is the list of the new songs I recorded:

“Christine” (written by Bryan Harwell)

“Wake Up” (written by Phil Harwell)

“Listen To The Mockingbird” (written by Septimus Winner and Richard Milburn)

“Another End To Another Bend In The Road” (written by Bryan Harwell)

That’s all for now.  Keep listening!

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“Average Joe” on the radio!

Invisible City


Big news! My song “Average Joe” will be on the radio next week. It will be on WLRH 89.3 FM in Huntsville, Alabama. The show is The Invisible City.  It will air at 7pm on Friday, February 28, 2014. It will repeat at 10pm on Saturday, March 1, 2014. Everybody make sure and tune in!

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Old Maple Tree (Story Behind The Song)


Behind the house where I grew up, there were two maple trees. Under and between those trees, my brother and I played for our entire childhoods. The swingset was under these trees. The picnic table was under these trees. The basketball goal was set up between these trees. One of these trees was one that had a low branch that I climbed all the time. Many good times were had under these trees.

I wanted to write a song about a tree. It was a challenge that I had given myself as a songwriter. When I thought of the trees at my childhood home, the song practically wrote itself.

This song is about childhood memories, growing up, and growing old. All of these are things that everyone goes through. I hope you can relate.

On this song, you will hear two guitars, harmonica, and vocals. All performed by yours truly. Enjoy!

Click here to listen and download “Old Maple Tree.”

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Here We Go Again (Story Behind The Song)


This song was written by my brother, Phil Harwell. He had given me a CD with some song demos on it. After listening to this song, I told him that he wrote a “Bryan Harwell” song. This song is similar to “Who Broke All The Crayons” (from my album “Work), as it repeats over and over.

I really like this song and this is the first time I’ve recorded and released one of Phil’s songs on one of my albums. I hope to do more of his songs in the future. He is a great songwriter.

The song itself is about getting into a rut. That kind of thing is what I’ve talked about in other songs I’ve written. We all get stuck in ruts in our lives. The only thing we can really do is try to cope with them and move along. Just take a break and play it again.

On this song, I’m on guitar, bass, and vocals.

This song is dedicated to my brother Phil Harwell. Thanks bro!

Click here to listen and download “Here We Go Again.”

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I Love My Wife (Story Behind The Song)


A few years ago, I was trying to write a song, but didn’t really have the inspiration to write.  I was just trying to come up with a good idea.  My wife walked into my office at home and asked me what I was doing.  I told her that I was trying to come up with an idea for a song.  She said “Why don’t you write ‘I Love My Wife?'”  Well, that was just what I needed, a brilliant idea.

I wrote this song and recorded a demo version of it onto a CD, which I gave to my wife on Valentine’s Day that year.  She loved it!  I knew then that I needed to record a full version of this song for one of my albums.

The recording of the song was difficult, since I wanted a unique sound for the recording.  I had the guitar/vocal demo, but the song needed something special.  That’s when I thought of the keyboard.

There is a musical inspiration for this song.  The Monkees album “Headquarters” has a lot of stuff like this on it.  This could be a song Davy might have sung on that album.  You might put this song in the lineup of that album in place of “Mr. Webster.”  Or, maybe between “Mr. Webster” and “Sunny Girlfriend.”  If you’re not familiar with this album, you should be.  Go find it and listen to it.  It’s great!

On this song, you will hear me on guitar, keyboards, maracas, and vocals.  A typical arrangement that would make Douglas Farthing Hatlelid proud, as well as Mike, Micky, Davy, and Peter.

This song is dedicated to Holly Harwell (my wife) and the late great Davy Jones.

Click here to listen and download “I Love My Wife.”

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What Happened (They Took It All Away) (Story Behind The Song)


In 2009, the powers that be turned off the analog television signals that had been on since 1946. I must say that it affected me. Most people were not affected, since they have been on cable since the 1980s. Cable television never came to my area. I was still using rabbit ears to watch television. In fact, it was three years later when I finally bought a digital rooftop antenna and brought television back into my home.

That’s the way it’s been with music, television and movies. The formats are always constantly changing. If you don’t keep up, you will be left behind with nothing. I finally had to get rid of all of my VHS tapes, because the quality of VCRs being produced was horrible. They are not holding up. Besides, the old tapes were deteriorating and I knew I needed to switch to DVD.

By the time I switched to DVD, investing a lot of money in old movies and shows, Blue-Ray came along. I’m not ready to switch formats again. In fact, I see no point in changing to another format after changing to this one. That’s when this whole format thing enters into the realm of the ridiculous.

I haven’t even talked about audio formats. We’ve went through LP’s, 8-tracks, cassettes, CD’s, and downloads. Arguably, the best sound comes from the vinyl LP. The worst format is the 8-track. Cassettes are great, but they tend to wear out. The most versatile format is the CD. Downloads are the most convenient for many people. Each format has its pros and cons, but why so many formats? It really doesn’t make a lot of sense.

This song is about trying to cope with all of these format changes. It isn’t easy, but we can manage. The ultimate question asked in this song is “What Happened?” I still don’t understand it. I’m just trying to keep my collection of old movies and old music. It’s difficult when I have to keep buying them over and over again.

On this song, you will hear me on guitar, bass, drums, harmonica, and vocals. Enjoy!

Click here to listen and download “What Happened (They Took It All Away).”

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